Care Notebook

Get your child’s medical information organized

When a child or young adult lives with complex medical needs, chances are they have many doctors appointments, medications, Insurance bills, nutrition, and other important lists and paperwork to keep track of. A Care Notebook is a way to organize all your medical information in one place, to have available for yourself or to share with others if need be.

The care notebook will help you:

  • Track information about your child’s health history
  • It will hold all the information about your child’s: primary care provider, school, daycare staff, school nurse
  • Tracking any changes in your child’s medical treatments.
  • Local resources available for your family

Another resource on Care Notebooks can be found at the Medical Home Portal

Care Notebook Templates

CARE Notebook was created by Seattle Children’s and the Department of Health and contains forms, checklists, and instructions for creating a Care Notebook.

Swindells Care Notebook and organizer is an all-in-one notebook that is also available in Spanish

Portable Medical Summary is for vital information that you can carry around with you at all times.

Getting to Know Me is a short form that children can carry with them that also available in Spanish

Emergency Care Templates

What’s the Plan? In Case of Emergency, and Getting to Know Me A few vital documents to go into your care notebook

Emergency Preparedness
What to prepare for you child in case of a natural disaster or emergency