Tools to Manage Healthcare 

There are so many incredible tools, also known as assistive technology (AT), that are available to assist an individual in independently managing their own healthcare. AT devices refer to any product, item, object, or piece of equipment that is used to maintain or increase functional capability for people with disabilities. AT promotes independence by assisting people with disabilities work, play, and live life to the fullest.

There is a range of these tools, some are high tech while others are low tech; it does not matter how techy or fancy AT is, all it must do is create accessibility and independence for an individual. It is important to know where and how to acquire these tools, as well as how they can help you in managing your healthcare and making it easier as well as less daunting. 


  • Know what tools are available to you 
  • Know where and how to obtain these tools
  • Understand what each tool does 
  • Understand how to use each tool available to you
  • Understand what tactics work best for you
  • Understand that you can gain more independence and even increase your safety while utilizing these tools

What are some Low Tech tools I can use to increase my healthcare independence?

What are some High Tech tools I can use to increase my healthcare independence?

Why should I invest my time and possibly money in tools?