Talking to Your Doctor

Planning For Your Visit

Finding the Right Child Care Provider for Your Child
“Selecting a child care provider is one of a parent’s most important decisions. Your child may spend many hours with the provider you choose, and you want that playing and learning time to be well-spent.”

When Your Loved One has to be Admitted to the Hospital
“When your loved one has to be admitted to the hospital, it can be scary, stressful, and at certain points very overwhelming not only for you, but also for the person needing the health care. What I have learned after caring for my son who was born at 26 weeks and experiences hydrocephalus (cerebral spinal fluid does not drain properly and requires a shunt to drain the fluid to his peritoneum) is that when he is in the hospital, I never leave him alone.”

Resources to Aid Communication

Concerned about Development? How to Get Help for Your Child (Spanish version available here)

How to Advocate for Your Child With Special Health Care Needs

Milestone Checklists to Share with your Doctor (Spanish version available here)

Tips for Working with Doctors